Church History




Here in Chichester, at a town meeting held on June 13, 1791, Article 3 stated:

"To see if the town will found and establish a church in this town in order to have an ordained minister who shall go in and out before this people, teaching us the Word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly." It was also stated in another article that - "August 3, 1791 will be set apart as a Fast Day to seek God's direction." Both were so voted!

The first meeting house was erected in 1793 near the site where the town library is situated - the spot is marked with a plaque.

Reverend Josiah Carpenter was called in September 1791 with a proposed salary of fifty pounds ($250) and this salary supplemented by twenty-five cords of wood and six tons of good English hay! He served the church for thirty-six years.

Over the years the meeting house fell into disrepair and it was voted to build a new building. In 1838 Josiah Carpenter deeded about a half an acre of land to the Union Congregational Society "there upon" to erect a new meeting house.


The present church was finished that same year on this site.  In 1894 the Society decided to repair the church building and did so at the cost of $2,500.  The stained glass windows were donated and installed that same year by several Society families in memory of loved ones.  The chandelier and pulpit lamps were presented to the Society by David C. Moulton.  He purchased the chandelier for $62.50 and the lamps for $11.00.

The reverend H. Franklin Parker was called to the church in 1928 and preached here for forty-one years - longer than any other pastor to serve in our pulpit!
In 1949 the members of the Union Congregational Society of Chichester voted to change the name to the "Chichester Congregation Church" and to dissolve the Society.

The church became affiliated with the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference on July 12, 1988.  Twenty-eight pastors have served in this pulpit.

Today, just as in 1791, the word of God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is taught at Chichester Hope In Christ Church.


The old church (Chichester Congregational Church) stands as a beacon overlooking Chichester, and like the town, has a rich history. The church office, including the pastor’s, is still located in the historic front building. However, they outgrew the old church a while back, and now meet in the new Worship Center located directly behind the church for Sunday services and other various functions. It is a modern building complete with conference rooms, classrooms for the children, kitchen, lobby, and worship hall. It’s a safe, comfortable space designed for friendship, fellowship and worship. Many fine dinners and pot-lucks have happened in both buildings. 

Hope in Christ Church invites you to join them! Feel free to reach out to the church with questions anytime.