2021-2022 TLC

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June 15th 2021 UPDATE:  With an unprecedented number of new families joining us for the 2021-2021 academic year, most of our classes are now FULL (with waitlists). At this point, we have decided to close Family registrations.  Please contact us for more information or to see if space has opened up



2021-2022 Classes



2021-2022 Classes  

TLC opening Starts at 10:00am but we ask that families arrive by 9:50am

Classes are Listed by Class Period.  

Our Yearbook Class (9-12th grade) does not meet during a TLC class period.    Rather this class collaborates, build the yearbook, and plans together on-line. Sign ups for Yearbook Class can be found at the end of the list below. 

If you'd like to take a look at a printable 2020-2021 TLC schedule please click here



Contact us for more information. 

FIRST PERIOD CLASSES:  10:35am-11:20am

Nursery (Form has options of 1, 2, 3, and 4th Period)

Supervised nursery for infants & toddlers


Teachers: Camille Sheil, Beth Strieby, Brittany Michaud, Adrienne Gagnon

e-mail team

Age/ Grades to include:  Preschool, K (Preschool & PreK in one room and Kindergarten in another)

Course Description: Faith based that encourages spiritual growth in a fun environment . Each month will have a theme. Scripture/Art/Games September: Back to School October: Fall- Apples/Pumpkins November: Thanksgiving December: Nativity- Christmas January: Science February: Love /Acts of love and service March: Dr. Seuss/ Easter April: Easter /Spring May: Spring- Plants

We hope to incorporate some basic cooking too

Amount of Homework: None but potential take homes for kids to do during the week i.e scripture memorization, coloring sheets, etc

Class Fee: $10

Little Explorers: FULL

Age/ Grades to include:  1-4 Grade

Teachers: Katie Bennette and Brittany Michaud

e-mail teachers

(Brittany will teach first semester and Katie will teach 2nd semester)

Course Description:   States, capitals, state bird, state flower, etc.  Learning about geography -landforms -reading maps -bodies of water -characteristics of different climates

Amount of Homework: None

Class Fee: $25

Additional Supplies: Scissors Glue Writing utensils Crayons, colored pencils, and/or markers

SIGN UP FOR: Sticker By Number Class

Teacher:  Shayla Anderson

Age/Grades to include:  1-4 Grade

email teacher

Course Description:   The kids would work on assembling a picture each of the weeks.  Each sticker placement would go with a number on the page.  Parents could purchase either the Nature book or America book. Kids would transport them to and from school in their backpacks. Each book has 28 pages to work on and we have 28 TLC days! 

Class Fee:  $0

Additional Supplies:  Parents would purchase one of the following books

Brain Games - Sticker by Number: Nature (Geometric Stickers) https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc...
Brain Games - Sticker by Number: America (Geometric Stickers) https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_oth_api_glt_fabc...

SIGN UP FOR: Beginners American Sign Language

Teacher:  Jesse Flynn

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  3rd-5th Grade

Course Description: Using the ABC’s, songs and pictures to learn ASL

Curriculum: Coloring books, songs, flash cards

Amount of Homework: To Practice at home what we learn in class

Class Fee: $10

Creating a Palette of Wisdom: Exploring Proverbs and Art: FULL

Teacher: Cathy Schlottmann

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  5-8 grade

Course Description: The book of Proverbs has much wisdom in it! This class will take students through the pages of the book of Proverbs each day and explore art. The students will read a Proverb a day and write down one verse that spoke to them in their sketchbooks. They can sketch this verse out as well, if applicable.  Each week, students will come to class and share a verse that spoke to them from their weekly sketches.  In class, we will explore art using different mediums such as watercolor, acrylic paint, colored pencils, and pencil drawing. Students also will learn calligraphy and other printing styles. Throughout the weeks, we will create pieces of art on verses that spoke to them through their reading. The focus will be applying God's truth and wisdom to their lives and creating a visual of the scriptures. Art will bring the scriptures to life. This also will give the students daily time with God, reading His word, so it becomes a daily habit, long throughout their lives. In addition, the students will hear about several artists throughout the course such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Thomas Kinkade. God used these artists to bring forth visuals of God's word. This course will help students bring scripture to life as well and gain Godly wisdom in doing so!

Amount of Homework: This class requires daily reading of a chapter in the book of Proverbs and writing down one or two verses that spoke to them from that chapter in a sketchbook.

Class Fee: $35, this will include the provision of a sketchbook (this cost is an approximation and may change if needed)

DVD Anatomy (Science) Class: Body of Evidence (First Semester ONLY): FULL

Teachers:  Rachel Teague
Co Teacher:  Laurie Russell
Age/ Grades to include:  6-12 grade (and focused 4th & 5th from HAM Radio class)
Course Description: Explore the amazing evidence for design in human anatomy and physiology! This  DVD series is taught by Dr. David Menton; employing anatomical props, models, and microscopic images, his humorous and insightful talks will take students through the major systems of the body. 
Class Fee: $0
Additional Supplies:  DVD Study Questions https://www.amazon.com/.../ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_fabc...

SIGN UP FOR: Technician Level Ham Radio Training  (Second Semester ONLY)

Teacher:  Donald Beland

Assistant:  Debra Beland

email teachers

Age/Grades to include:  6-12th grade (and interested & focused 4th & 5th)

Course Description: Full review of Technician level Ham Radio requirements.  Course will cover basic electronics, radio wave propagation, antenna design, FCC regulations, frequency allowance for technician level, radio transceivers, ionosphere and much more. 

Curriculum: Gordon West Technician Manual and ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

Amount of Homework: 1-2 hours

Class Fee: Books are $24.95. I will look to get a group discount. 

Additional Supplies: The exam is $10.00 and will be taken off campus and administered by approved FCC examiners. 

SIGN-UP FOR: Modern Christian Soldier

Teacher: Jorgen Strycharz

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  8th-12th

Course Description: We will be studying the life of the Believer in the modern world. The class will discuss modern-day problems Christians are facing and how God has already given us every tool we need to live fulfilling and godly lives. The structure for each class will unpack the Armor of God, what it meant during the time it was written and how it matters to us. Students will also learn to pray with authority and grow closer to God's heart.

Curriculum: ESV Study Bible is preferred but NIV, NLT, or the Amplified is acceptable.

Amount of Homework: No more than 30 minutes a day of work typically.

Class Fee: $0

Additional Supplies: There is a possible Life Journal available for purchase if desired to help develop better habits of life disciplines and regular biblical study. Cost is $40 per journal.


SECOND  PERIOD CLASSES:  11:25am-12:10pm

Nursery (Form has options of 1, 2, 3, and 4th Period)

Supervised nursery for infants & toddler


Cooking In Motion: FULL

Teachers:  Camille Sheil and Maria Bares

Age/ Grades to include:  1st- 3rd

e-mail teachers

Course Description: 

Purpose: To equip each child with -- 1. A deeper awareness of the science upon which cooking is dependent. 2. an increase in their confidence with basic meals and tasks. 3. working as a team with a common goal; the joy of being able to gift their parents with that vital and occasional breakfast-in-bed. Explanation: 1. As Alton Brown so perfectly brought to the screen in his Good Eats television program, science is a vital part of cooking. Most of food preparation is about getting a knowing of that balance between cooked enough and not enough, mixed enough and not enough, between sugars, yeasts, and baking powders and sodas, etc. What we eat is living (is in motion) and the study of how many sciences pertain to each process will be explored. 2. Each child will be part of a small team, ideally 5 groups of 4, wherein each child will have a specific designation... for example, a. wet man b. dry man c. mix man d. baking/utensils man who could also help in reading the recipe for his group. This will help them to be able to participate in the process as a whole and be an active observer (active engagement) to that process. 3. Teamwork is a vital part of succeeding in life. By being in small groups, each with a designated helper, as they grow familiar with each other, they can learn how to adjust as well as utilize the strengths that are inherent within their team. And finally, giving is a vital part for a child’s sense of self-worth, and one of their great joys as a child. This gives them the skills they may need in order to do what’s already biggest on their heart.

Curriculum: Varied, but some from Alton Brown's Good Eats. Many recipes I'm sure will be from a basic Google search.

Amount of Homework: None, but I would like to be compiling a cookbook for each child to commemorate their experiences to take home with them at the end of the school year.

Class Fee: $30

Additional Supplies: None

SIGN UP FOR: Draw Write Now- Early American History  

Teacher: Lisa Ogley

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include: 2nd (writing all letters well) through 5th grade

Course Description: This class will take students through early American history starting with Patriotism: American flag, Pledge of Allegiance, Star Spangled Banner. Then we dive into Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, The American Revolution, The Forming of our Union, Westward Expansion, The Cherokee Trail of Tears, The Oregon Trail, and we will end somewhere around the California Gold rush. Our drawing tutorial will come from the Draw Write Now book series and the kidos will be learning their history facts from interesting stories from a variety of engaging and age appropriate books. These will be living books that fall into the category of advanced picture books with great illustrations. Our books are carefully vetted and are from authors who have NOT revised American history to fit a narrative or an agenda.

Each class will start by students working in their composition notebooks and following a teacher led step by step sketching tutorial representing the days topic. After that, students will add details and background to their drawings and practice handwriting (3-10 sentences depending on age/ability) that will reinforce the big ideas from the lesson. We will focus on nice and neat manuscript or cursive (each mom gets to choose...) writing. This is a No-stress zone! Students may work slowly or quickly. All children will be encouraged to take all the time they need and to work steadily to ensure they are doing their personal best. Following the sketching the class will add individual realistic background pieces to their drawings as I read about the given material. Each step of the drawing and writing process will be celebrated. We'll be working from Draw Write Now books 2, 3, and 5. At the end of the year your students composition notebook will be a wonderful addition to their portfolios. Lastly, each student/parent will be provided with a copy of the course syllabus and the titles of the iving book titles we will be using.

Amount of Homework: Younger, slower writing students may need to take 15-20 minutes to finish at home, but I do not expect the older students to have any homework.

Class Fee: $20

Additional Class Supplies: 2 regular pencils (sharpened), erasers, a set of 12 colored pencils (sharpened) or crayons if preferred

Learning through Literature - People, Places, and Spaces! FULL

Teacher: Kristina Mitchell

email teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  4th-6th Grade

Course Description: Let's learn about people, places, science, history, poetry, and our world together. Picture books and reading aloud is for everyone! I love learning from literature and want to share some amazing books with you. Let's learn about amazing people who changed the world with their inventions, with their creativity, or with their research. Classes will include books read aloud and activities related to the people and topics introduced in class.  2nd semester topics and structure may change according to class interest.

Curriculum: Developed from resources in my home and online

Amount of Homework: 30 minutes

Class Fee: $10

Additional Supplies: Notebook, Household items for occasional projects

We the People Fight Tyranny History Game Class:  FULL  

Teachers: Christine Thompson & David Thompson

email teachers

Grades to include:  7-12th (& mature 6th graders)

Course Description: This class would play "We the People Fight Tyranny Game " each week. It may take 2 weeks to complete an entire round. Students may take notes, when it is not their turn, and study these notes at home for an advantage. Notes can not be referenced during a players turn. We will learn important historical and constitutional facts as we play, laugh and have snacks. Both traditional learners and non traditional learners should walk away with a deeper knowledge base. According the the manufacture, "We the People Fight Tyranny Game is more than just a fun game; it's a laugh-out-loud crash course about the effects of big government policies on American life today. The newly revised and updated Third 2017 Edition is a great common sense education in American history, the Constitution, and how they apply in today's world. It's the perfect tool for teaching the miracle of America and why liberty and freedom are worth fighting for in every generation. Without a clear understanding of tyranny, liberty becomes undervalued and quickly falls into jeopardy. Earn stars by answering the 500 questions that teach American history correctly. Answers include pertinent background information, historical consequences, and the significance or application to America today. Squirm as the newly anointed Game Czar chooses your identity. Laugh at the absurd twists and turns you'll discover on Semi-Capitalist Street and the Path of Social Justice. Laugh out loud as you vicariously live the hilarious consequences of social justice and intrusive government. Hear the uproar with 100+ Social Justice cards that redistribute yours and your opponent's money and hard-earned stars to the pork barrel. Comes with 500 history cards, 100+ Social Justice cards, 70 Disappoint Big Brother cards, 50 score sheets, 8 Federal ID cards, 8 pawns, 2 dice, 1 set of rules

Curriculum:  "We the People Fight Tyranny Game https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074Q4ZCXH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_U2K3FbGKGQNGY?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&fbclid=IwAR3nySq2y1PsnXRXDoG-ei9wi4aGXXHGLH5wnrXfYA1s5lxEI8zkx3kO4kU

Amount of Homework: No homework is required. However, students are welcome to take notes, when it is NOT their turn, and study these notes at home. This would allow them to be more familiar with the questions and give them an advantage in future rounds.

Class Fee: $15 (to help offset the cost of the game& weekly snacks)

Additional Supplies: If you want your student to take notes, a notebook and pencil/pen would be needed.

SIGN UP FOR: Health and Nutrition

Teachers: Penny Young and Rachel Teague

e-mail teachers

Age/ Grades to include:  8-12

Course Description: We will cover topics such as senses, genetics, macro and micro nutrients, exercise and diet, as well as emotional issues and mental health. Durning the second semester we will do a section on first aide and hope to offer CPR certification. If that works out, there will be a separate sign-up and additional fee.

Curriculum: Based on Apologia Exploring Creation with Health and Nutrition

Amount of Homework: Activity log (extra-curricula sports count) Plus 30 - 60 minutes, we want this class to count as a full HS health credit

Class Fee: $25

Additional Supplies: 1 inch 3 ring binder


THIRD  PERIOD CLASSES:  1:05 pm-1:50 pm

Nursery (Form has options of 1, 2, 3, and 4th Period)

Supervised nursery for infants & toddler

Show, Share, Music, Movement, and Reading:  FULL

Teacher:  Sarah Strycharz

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  Pre-K and K

Course Description: We will have show and tell, music and movement, and reading books.

Curriculum: Children's faith based devotionals and a variety of books and songs

Amount of Homework: Bringing in an item for show and share

Class Fee: $5

Gym Class: FULL

Teachers:  Lisa Clark & Jennifer Griffin

e-mail teachers

Age/ Grades to include: k-3rd

Course Description: Gym class is all about having fun, challenging your skills, and learning new things in a positive and encouraging environment. Through a variety of activities and games, we will develop communication, coordination, and cooperation skills.

Amount of Homework: NA

Class Fee: $5

Additional Supplies: Sneakers and a water bottle

Nature Science for 1st- 3rd: FULL

Teacher: Caitlen Hutson

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  1st- 3rd grade

Course Description: This course is offered to grades 1st-3rd. The course will provide an overview of plant science, animal science, and the water cycle. It will include read out louds, crafts, experiments, nature walks, and short writing assignments. We will be using curriculum from "Gods Design" and "Gods Creation Series." These books will be our guideline and are not required to purchase. We will provide photocopies when needed for activities and experiments.

Amount of Homework: none

Class Fee: $5

Additional Supplies: The basic school supplies are helpful, but we will provide some coloring and art supplies. We may ask families to set aside some recyclables for experiments as well.

Gluten Free Cooking & Baking: FULL

Teacher:  Jasmine Fiandaca

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  4-7 grade

Course Description: Kids will learn to work together in creating gluten free dishes and baked goods. They will be using math skills in measuring and their tasting skills by getting to taste their own creations! At the end of the year students Will be split into teams and participate in a cook/bake off and be judged. The winner will receive a basket of gluten free cooking/baking supplies and snacks! Also at the end of the year students will get a recipe book to take home of all the recipes they made!

Curriculum: None

Amount of Homework: No homework

Class Fee: $45

SIGN UP FOR: Board Game Class

Teacher:  Jennifer Heins

Starr Covey-Skinner

e-mail teachers

Age/ Grades to include:  4-7th grade

Course Description:  This class will provide the opportunity for kids to play a variety of boardgames.  

Amount of Homework: A video will be assigned to watch at home for each new game so that students come to class prepared to play.

Class Fee:  $0

SIGN UP FOR: Apologetics

Teacher:  Erika Burgher

Assistant:  Assistant or Co-Teacher WANTED:  Looking for a co- teacher who would be willing to take turns facilitating the class (involves watching the video ahead of time, printing student pages, and leading through the video during class) or an assistant to help with classroom management and discussion

e-mail teacher

Grades to include:  5th-12th grade

Course Description: From the website: “ Foundation Careful Thinking Curriculum equips 10-14 year olds with the basic skills they need to evaluate the truthfulness of ideas. This Curriculum sets the stage for critical thinking in every area of life. As children begin to learn the basic skills in careful thinking, they quickly begin to recognize faulty ideas in the world around them.”

Curriculum: Foundation Worldview Careful Thinking Curriculum, a video based course. I would be the facilitator.  https://foundationworldview.com/sample-curriculum/overview-sample-lesson-of-chapter-one/unit-1/lesson-1-1

Amount of Homework: Completion of the student activity sheet, if not finished in class (at parents discretion, not required).

Class Fee: Online curriculum is $450, so cost per family depends on number enrolled. 6 students, $75 each. 8 students $56 each, 10 students $45 each

Additional Supplies: Bible, and pen or pencil

SIGN UP FOR: Public Speaking

Teacher: Richard Huntley (Sarah & Kristina’s dad)

Assistant:  An assistant is wanted

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  8-12th grade (mature 7th graders considered)

Course Description: Learn how to confidently create and deliver speeches and presentations to a variety of audiences.

Curriculum: I will design the curriculum. The Class fee will cover additional materials I will create and reproduce.

Amount of Homework: 2 hours

Class Fee: $5.00

Additional Supplies: Simply the best textbook I know of - Public Speaking by Duane Litfin Buy it know and you can get a used copy for under $10.00. Second Text - Speak Like Churchill, Stand Like Lincoln James C. Humes Used right now - Under $10.00

Digital Photography, Lighting, and Photo Editing:  FULL

Teachers:  David & Christine Thompson

email teachers

Age/ Grades to include:  8th-12th Grade/Adult (will consider mature 7th graders) 

Course Description: This will be an in depth Photography, Lightning, and Photo Editing class. We would look at the various features and settings on a typical DSLR camera, experiment with different types of lightning (and lightning equipment) and learn how to use Photoshop Elements to improve and/or manipulate digital photographs. Please look at the required supplies as students will need a camera that will allow them to manual adjust the shutter speed and aperture (like a DSLR) and Photoshop Elements. This is a Hands on class and students will learn by watching and doing. Please make sure your child has an interest in photography and the idea of this class before signing him/her up.

Amount of Homework: Approximately 1 hour a week

Class Fee: No Class fee (please see Additional Supplies)

Additional Supplies: 

1.) Students will need to have access to a camera that will allow them to manual adjust the shutter speed and aperture (like a DSLR) 

2.) Student will need a copy of 2021 Adobe Photoshop Elements on their computer https://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop-elements.html (please note that you do NOT need the combo that includes Premier Elements) 

3.) Students will need access to a computer at home. Having a laptop that can go with them to TLC is a plus but not a requirement.

4.) Students will need to be able to access the  Google Classroom (online). We will be using this to give assignments, collect assignments, and make announcements.  Parents may also join the Google Classroom if they would like to receive the notifications as well.

5.) *OPTIONAL* a tripod


FOURTH  PERIOD CLASSES:  1:55 pm-2:40 pm

Nursery (Form has options of 1, 2, 3, and 4th Period)

Supervised nursery for infants & toddler

Preschool Playroom

Grades: Preschool

Supervised free play in the preschool room

Tasteful Art: FULL

Teacher: Jesse Flynn

Assistant: Josilyn Flynn

email teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  K, 1,2

Course Description: Using different types of food and materials to create edible and non edible art. Weaving scripture into the theme of each new creation. 

Curriculum: Imagination and creativity

Amount of Homework: None

Class Fee: $15

Additional Supplies: donations, if you happen to have: Old magazines,old newspapers, popsicle sticks, silicone Bowl and fruit molds, molding clay, anything you think we could use as recreation art and when needed vegetables. 😋

Journey Through the Pages of Eric Carle's Art: FULL

Teacher: Cathy Schlottmann

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  K-2nd grade

Course Description: Eric Carle is a beloved children's book author and illustrator. He has written over 70 books. During the course of the year, we will be reading various Eric Carle books such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Very Busy Spider, The Tiny Seed; Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? and more. We will be doing various projects based on Eric Carle's unique art style.

Amount of Homework: None

Class Fee: $20

Lego Club: FULL   

Teachers:  Anthony Thompson & Timothy Thompson (Student led by a highschool senior & softmore)

Assistant:  Lisa Clark, Martha James

Age/ Grades to include:  2nd-5th grade

Course Description: Lego Club is a class where kids can be creative. They will both learn how to build new things and showcase what they already know. There will be different themes or activities each week. This class could participate in a science fair or project fair should TLC have one.

Curriculum: Web searches such as http://www.educatingyoungengineers.com/lego-club-activity-ideas/

And  https://www.walkingbytheway.com/blog/lego-building-club/

Amount of Homework: None

Class Fee: 0

Additional Supplies: 

#1. *a Box of legos such as: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00NHQFA1I/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glt_fabc_W3N45BWEM7TCMSA4KDFJ

*These boxes are often on sale at Target

#2.  **Each student needs 2 flat lego base boards (aprox 10” x 10” but size isn’t critical) such as: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07CFWGJ7X/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_api_glt_fabc_MKRGNY559WRS59REVEWZ

**These boards are often at Dollar Tree

Public Speaking and Presentation

Teacher: Caitlen Hutson

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  3rd -6th

Course Description: This course is offered to 3rd -6th grades. The course will give your student an introduction into how to prepare either a speech, illustrated speech, and or a demonstration. The students will pick one of these three as their final project. The focus of the course is to build confidence and competence in public speaking skills and to give our homeschoolers the opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skill in all manner of subjects. Students will be able to choose the subject they are most interested in for their final project. Some examples of a final project are: “How to build a Fair Garden,” “Who was Thomas Jefferson,” “Why I want to become a Doctor.” The plan is to find time during the TLC school scheduled hours to give students the opportunity to give their presentations in front of their student body. It may also be possible to schedule the presentations during one of the TLC parties. We will update these plans once we have more information. 

Curriculum: We are not planning on any one source for curriculum, but I will say that we are going to use some 4H guidelines on presentations. The 4H outline will give the students an idea on how to judge a good presentation from a bad one and how to grow their skills.

Amount of Homework: Your student will need to work around a hour or so a week on things related to this course. The majority of the homework is just practice for the final project and some small warm up speeches as well. Toward the end of the semester the students work load will increase as we come closer to the final project. Depending on what your student is planning will determine how much preparation will be involved.

Class Fee: $8

Additional Supplies: Basic school supplies will be helpful on a daily basis. The student should have paper of some kind to write on and a pencil to take notes. The project supplies will be dependent upon what your student choose to do.

Chess: From Woodpusher to 1100: FULL

Teacher: Richard Huntley (Sarah & Kristina’s dad)

Assistant:  An assistant is wanted

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  4-12

(can accommodate different ages and skill levels)

Course Description: Each student will take a Chess Knowledge Inventory to determine what knowledge and skills have already been learned. The class will begin with basic skills covering all phases of the game and and progress to intermediate as students progress. Since playing teaches skills, we will include some play each week and for homework.

Curriculum: I will design the curriculum and possibly use a DVD program by Jeremy Silman IM for some concepts.

Amount of Homework: 1 hour

Class Fee: $5.00

Additional Supplies: A triple weighted set and roll up board - please only green and buff boards and either black and white pieces or wooden - All USCF regulation size. See the address below for an example. https://www.uscfsales.com/chess-sets/club-chess-sets/drawstring-chess-set-combination-triple-weighted-regulation-pieces-vinyl-chessboard-drawstring-bag.html

Physical Science: FULL

Teacher: Kristina Mitchell

email teacher

Co Teacher: wanted

Age/ Grades to include:  7/8 and up

Course Description: We will cover the material needed for a highschool credit in Physical Science using Apologia's Physical Science text 3rd edition as well as other texts and resources. In class time will primarily be used for lab work and discussion preparing the class for the next week's assignments. Topics include, but are not limited to: Energy and motion, Newton's laws, Water, Magnets, Light and sound.

Curriculum: Apologia Physical Science 3rd Edition Glencoe Physical Science

Amount of Homework: 2-3 hours

Class Fee: $25

Additional Supplies: Notebook General supplies supporting homework assignments Apologia Physical Science Textbook highly recommended if taking class for credit.




Teacher: Christine Thompson

Assistant: Kayleigh Burns

e-mail teacher

Age/ Grades to include:  9-12th Grade

Class Period Preference: ONLINE ONLY

Course Description: This TLC Yearbook Class will be ONLINE ONLY. Students will be responsible for taking and organizing photographs, Designing yearbook pages, planning and organizing TLC events and parties, and creating a quality yearbook for TLC families.

Yearbook software: Entourage Yearbooks (no cost)

Amount of Homework: 30 minutes to an hour

Class Fee: $0  (No class fee)

Additional Supplies: 

1.) Students will need access to a computer and internet

2.) Students will need a Google account to access the Google Classroom

3.) There is no class fee, but we would like to request that parents purchase a yearbook for their student so that they can have a hard copy of the fruit of their hard work.


"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."  Hebrews 12:1