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  • 2020-2021 Classes have NOT been posted yet.  We are waiting for them all to come in.  Deadline for course proposals are May 15th.  We will post them here once we put together the schedule


2019-2020 ACADEMIC YEAR!

Well, our 2019-2020 school year sure did end memorably!  We have appreciated everyone's support and patience as we all deal with the impact that the Covid-19 has had on our daily lives.  We look forward to celebrating the wonderful accomplishments of our students at our TLC End of the Year Celebration/Graduation on June 7th!  Yearbooks will be distributed, to those who bought yearbooks, at the event.  

A special Congratulations to our TLC Senior Class of 2020!

"Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles.  And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us."  Hebrews 12:1

2019-2020 Classes

2019-2020 Class Sign Ups were Friday July 26- Thursday August 1st

We are sorry that you missed our 2019-20 Online Sign Ups.  Please fill out a Wait List form if you are still interested in participating.  Although some classes will not be able to take students mid-year, there may be some that can.  If you fill out a form with the classes you are hoping to join, someone will get back to you.

Click HERE for Wait List

Classes are Listed by Class Period.  TLC Starts at 10:30am with Opening Announcements/Chapel/Prayer

Once a class has reached the maximum number of students then registration for that class will be over.  If you would like to be added to a wait list to see if space becomes available please  click on the green WAIT LIST link either above or at the end of the list of classes and fill out the form listing the specific class(es) your child(ren) would like to be on the waitlist for.  The Wait List form will only be available during Sign Ups.


If you have a preschooler, please read the above information (up above with the schedule) regarding Preschool.  All Preschoolers are referred to as PreK and can only be signed up for 2 structured classes (Please use the PreK Link for these classes).  However, they many be signed up for as many Preschool Free Play periods as you want.  Please read class descriptions as some of the structured classes that go down to Prek may require a parent to participate. Also please note that PreK students have a separate link for every PreK class.



On-line Yearbook Production: 9-12th Grade

Teacher:  Christine Thompson

Course Description: Online Yearbook Production is just what the name implies. Students will be working at home on-line putting together a yearbook that the entire TLC family will have the option of purchasing. Students will not have a class period for this class during the TLC school day on Fridays. I will set up a Google Classroom and will post instructional videos and instructions. Students will work individually on-line at home while still functioning as a team. Students can post questions to the group through the online classroom. On occasion students may be asked to help photograph events throughout the school year and may have to miss a few minutes of other class time to do so. Students may also be asked to help on School Picture Day if practical.Still considering which on-line yearbook software to use. Originally I was thinking of so it would be what some of our students were used to. However, due to the small scale of our group I think we may go with

Amount of Homework: Varies based on student's interest and the number of photos that have come in at any give time.

Class Fee: N/A

Additional Supplies: Ideally Yearbook students should purchase a yearbook so they have a copy of their work


FIRST PERIOD CLASSES:  10:50am-11:35pam

Preschool Free Play in Playroom

Supervised by: Laurie Russell & Wanda Klucky

Nature Study & Movement Time: PreK (with Parent)

Nature Study & Movement Time: K-2nd Grade

Teacher:  Amber Fixler email teacher

Classroom Assistant:   Adrienne Gagnon

Course Description: This class period will have two parts. One part of the class period is for nature study using visual and tactile observations, oral observations, games, drawing, and modeling. Artifacts / objects will be brought into the classroom by students as found 'in the wild' or at home. The teacher can provide artifacts as needed. The second part of class will allow students time for movement and will typically incorporate music. You can expect your student to utilize and learn stretching, breathing, Swedish drill, folksongs, games, and rhythm. Using Exploring Nature with Children. Sharing Nature with Children. 150 American Folksongs. Swedish Drill Revisited.

Amount of Homework: minimal. For example: "Bring a natural object with you to class."

Class Fee: $0-$5

Additional Supplies: It's okay to send a nature journal or nature notebook in with your child if they have one already.

A Reason for Science: 3rd-6th Grade

Teacher: Jennifer Stratton e-mail teacher

Course Description: In A Reason for Science, students will discover foundational Life, Earth, and Physical Science concepts through weekly hands-on activities. Using A Reason For Science Level C

There maybe days that I will ask parents to help in class

Amount of Homework: Homework will be done in class

Class Fee: $20.00 which includes the cost of the student workbook

Exploring Creation with Apologia General Science: 7th-10th Grade

Teacher:  Lizzie Stratton (12th Grade Student/Teacher)

Classroom assistant:  TBD

Course Description: “Designed to be a student's first systematic introduction to the sciences, Exploring Creation with General Science, 2nd Ed. explores topics such as the scientific method, designing experiments, simple machines, geology, archaeology, biology, anatomy and other disciplines, providing a wide range of scientific exposure. Hands-on experiments are included throughout, giving students practical experience as they discover the principles behind the science! Looking at the world from a creationist position, topics are all presented with an eye towards God's role in everyday life” (Christian Book Product Description). If your child is outside of this grade range but you would still like them to take the class please come talk to me, or feel free to call or email me. The textbook is aimed for 7th grade but I am hoping to do a bit more accelerated pace and a more in-depth study. If you would like your student to do a bit more advanced science, please let me know so we can work that out, I would really like this class to fit each student and be beneficial for them. We will be using the textbook: Exploring Creation with General Science 2nd Edition by Dr. Jay L. Wile. Apologia ISBN: 978-1-932012-86-6. Each student or family will need to buy this textbook it costs around 25-55 dollars online. You will also need the test booklet which you will need to buy online for about $10-20 dollars. ISBN: 1932012877

Amount of Homework: Homework includes reading about half a module per week and doing weekly lab reports along with the occasional at home experiment, as well as a test every other week.

Class Fee: Cost is $6-12 dollars per student depending on the number of students signed up. This does not include the cost of the textbook and test booklet which you will need to purchase. 

US History and Government Overview: 10-12th Grade

Teacher: John Preve  email teacher

Course Description: A study of the Declaration of Independence; the US Constitution focusing on our government including how citizens can be involved in our governing process; and an overview of each President's time in office including interesting facts about the men who held the highest office in our land. I am creating the curriculum to be used by taking sections from various sources.

Amount of Homework: The students will be required to write short essays (200-500 words) in relation to the topic covered in that week. 

Class Fee: $10 per student

Additional Supplies: Basic material of notebooks, pen, etc. 

Parenting with Purpose: Parents

Teacher:  Rusty Stratton e-mail teacher

Course Description: A hope-filled study of parenting from a Biblical perspective. Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it. Using the Bible & Shepherding a Child's Heart

Amount of Homework: 1 hour

Class Fee: $6. 31

Additional Supplies: notebook


SECOND  PERIOD CLASSES:  11:40am-12:25pm

Preschool Free Play in Playroom

Supervised by: Kerry Parent & Adrienne Gagnon

Children's Choir: PreK
Children's Choir: K-5th Grade

Teachers:  Laurie Russell & Maddison Russell email teachers

Classroom assistant: TBD

Course Description: The purpose of this class is to teach children worship music in a fun, engaging way and to help them to develop an understanding of and passion for authentic worship. We will learn a broad spectrum of music, to include classic and current worship songs, and seasonal songs. 

Amount of Homework: Minimal - lesson application and learning music

Class Fee: $15

Additional Supplies: Basic school supplies - pens, pencils, crayons, marker, scissors

Sew Fun!: 5-9th Grade

Teachers:  Lisa Ogley & Ruth Weaver email teachers

Course Description:  In this fun course your student will learn hand sewing techniques including a basic back stitch, a baste stitch, a slip stitch, and a hidden stitch. They will also do some applique, and quite a lot of machine sewing on the various projects. Children will learn the various parts of a sewing machine, how each part functions, troubleshooting problems, and the safe operation of their machine. Class projects will include a bean bag tic-tac-toe game, a pillow case, a book bag, a holiday banner, and a patchwork lap quilt made from a specific jelly roll of fabric. This fun course is for beginner or intermediate.

Amount of Homework: 1 hour or less

Class Fee: $35-45 depending on catching sales & coupon availability.

Additional Supplies: A few inexpensive sewing notions, fabric for the pillow case project , and backing & a Jelly Roll (it will be a specific jelly roll, TBD) of fabric for the lap quilt project. All other project fabric is provided.

Authentic Manhood "33": Boys Grades 9-12th

Teacher:  HIC Pastor, Stephen Kasanovich  email teacher

Classroom Assistant:  Mike Parent

Course Description: Authentic Manhood "33" Authentic Manhood is all about setting men up to live lives of truth, passion, and purpose. Our resources offer clear and practical Biblical insights on God’s design for manhood that are both refreshing and inspiring. We point men to a gospel-centered vision of life that sets them up to enjoy God’s grace as they pursue the promises of His Word. Led by Pastor Steve Kasanovich, from Hope in Christ Church, who has used this material to lead men of all ages to God’s truth and plan for them as men, fathers, husbands, and sons for many years. Each topic of teaching will last approximately 12 weeks and there are 6 topics available for us to offer. A Man and His Design A Man and His Story A Man and His Traps A Man and His Work A Man and His Marriage A Man and His Fatherhood Each class includes a video from AM and then a discussion and lesson time. Please see website link below to look further into this class. It is offered to young men in grades 9 through 12 as well as their fathers. This curriculum may soon be offered at night as well.

Please feel free to email or call me with any questions. In His Service, Pastor Steve. Using Authentic Manhood "33"

Amount of Homework: Just a practical application of material covered in the previous class. Each class will start with a short review of the previous class and time to share if it was helpful during the week or if there is any further discussion. 

Class Fee: $15 for every 12 weeks although there are some used training guides on Amazon for $7 that you are welcome to purchase on your own. Just ask me first so you buy the correct title. 

Moms in Prayer: Adults

Teacher:  Amber Fixler email teacher

Course Description: I am proposing a mother's prayer group. We could meet during more than one period to allow further participation as the schedule and logistics allow. Following the format from Moms in Prayer International (I'm a registered group leader) we worship God, confess, praise, and pray specifically for our kiddos and for schools (homeschools and otherwise). Using Moms in Prayer International

Amount of Homework: None

Class Fee: none


THIRD  PERIOD CLASSES:  1:05 pm-1:50 pm

Preschool Free Play in Playroom

Supervised by: Mary Winslow & Morgan Stevens

Character First:  PreK  (with Parent or helper)

Character First:  K-2nd Grade

Teacher: Jennifer Stratton e-mail teacher

Classroom Assistant:  Wanda Klucky

Course Description: The Character First elementary curriculum presents Biblical character traits in a memorable way. Lessons focus on training in: attentiveness, obedience, respect, self control, responsibility, honesty, gratefulness and more.

Amount of Homework: Parent involvement, for review, practice and mastery of character qualities desired, can be done in as little as 5 mns. per day. 

Class Fee: $10.00 

Draw Write Now- Early American History:  3rd-5th Grade

Teacher:  Lisa Ogley email teacher

Course Description: Each week we will introduce the weeks subject through a living book or poem and discuss it. Our next task will be to draw or outline our subject. The students are encouraged to add realistic background pieces to their drawing. This class will take students through early American history. We'll start each class with reading children's literature on the given topic. Then we'll move into our composition notebooks where students will follow a Draw Write Now drawing and coloring tutorial representing what they've learned. After that, students will practice handwriting that will reinforce the big ideas from the lessons. We will focus on nice and neat manuscript or cursive. Examples of both manuscript and cursive will be given. This is a No-stress zone! Students may work slowly or quickly. All students will be encouraged to take the time they need and to work steadily to ensure each child is doing their personal best. Each step of the process will be celebrated. We'll be working from Draw Write Now books 2, 3, and 5.

Amount of Homework: Minimal

Class Fee: $20

Additional Supplies: 2 regular pencils (sharpened), erasers, a set of 12 colored pencils (sharpened)

*Draw Write Now books are an optional purchase. If you have books 2,3 & 5 at home please bring them.

Basics of Cooking (1st Semester)  & Homestyle Cooking 2nd Semester :  6-12th Grade

Teachers:  Becky DeConto & Assistant Amanda Roy email teacher

Course Description: Cooking basics, methods, recipe creation, gluten-free cooking, basic nutrition, reading labels. The Ultimate Goal: to work safely in the kitchen, create recipes, shop nutritiously. Final Exam: Create, shop for and prepare a nutritious meal for their family. n/a experience. Referencing "On Cooking: A Text Book of Culinary Fundamentals."  2nd Semester's description is TBD but a build off of the Basics of Cooking first semester proposal

Amount of Homework: 1 hour a week

Class Fee: $35 each semester ($70)

Additional Supplies: Aprons, notebook, writing utensil

Computer Technology: 6-12th Grade

Teachers:  David & Christine Thompson email teachers

Course Description: This is a Lab based Computer Technology class. The main focus of this class will cover electricity, electronics, computer programming and an introduction to robotics. However, we will quickly cover some basic computer knowledge and a quick overview of basic software. We understand that a lot of students are coming in with no computer knowledge at all, but we will get them up to speed quickly. There is a lot to learn in 29 week so in order to keep moving forward there will be homework each week that will need to be done. We will use an on-line classroom to keep this class moving (even on snow days). The on-line classroom will be home to all their assignments, grades, videos on how to do assignments, and a place to ask for help. We will work hard to help all students. Absent students will have everything they need to keep up. Homework is to be uploaded to this online classroom by Wednesday 8pm every week. Students will often be required to download files from the on-line classroom in order to be prepared for class. This is a project based class and the students will be learning by doing. Good effort will be key in this class. The students will display work to TLC families twice during the school year. By the end of the year each student will have made about a dozen projects including their own robotic car that they programmed and will keep. Students will also be keeping their Raspberry Pi computer, Ardunio Uno type microcontroller board, and all their electronics sensors & components. Computers, Microcontrollers and electronic components can be fragile and we will teach safe handling. However, if a student breaks or looses a component that they need for a project their parents may need to supply the child with a replacement. We are building the curriculum to meet our needs

Amount of Homework: Aprox. 2 hour a week (varies by projects) 

Class Fee: $150

Additional Supplies: Required but not included in the course fee: HDMI ready TV or Monitor to use at home (we will provide HDMI cable). For class you'll need to bring a USB Keyboard, USB Mouse, 6-AA batteries, one 9volt battery, and one D Battery. Students will also need a folder. Also bring a plastic sealable box to class in order to safely carry parts & projects to and from class. Some larger projects will require an additional shoe box or equivalent size box. Parts, components, and accesories should NOT be placed in backpacks. 


FOURTH  PERIOD CLASSES:  1:55 pm-2:40 pm

Preschool Free Play in Playroom

Supervised by: Jackie Sharpton & TBD

American Sign Language  (ASL):  PreK

American Sign Language  (ASL):  K-5th Grade

Teacher:  Tia Parr email teacher

co Teacher:  Haylee Parr

Course Description: This class will explore the basics of American Sign Language.  We will include receptive and expressive signing, vocabulary, fingerspelling, and various aspects of Deaf culture.

Adventure Bible Class: 3rd-5th Grade

Teacher:  Jennifer Stratton email teacher

Course Description: We want to create an engaging time, in God's Word, that will encourage hearts toward a vibrant relationship with our Almighty Maker, Lord of the universe!

Texts to be used by teacher:Family Time Bible by Kenneth N. Taylor and Tyndale Kids

What Would Jesus Do? Charles M. Sheldon's Classic In His Steps Retold for children

Revised by Helen Haidle Illustrated by Kip Richmond

The Outdoor Book for Adventurous Boys Essential Skills and Activities for boys of all ages by Adrian Besley  (Don't be confused... This particular book has boys in the title but the class is for girls & boys).

Class Fee: No fee

The Life-Changing Story of the Bible: 6-12th Grade

Teacher:  Rusty Stratton e-mail teacher

Course Description: Chronological study of the Bible with an emphasis on how the story of Scripture applies to our everyday lives.  Using the Bible and various charts.

Amount of Homework: 1 hour

Class Fee: none

Additional Supplies: notebook for taking notes